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Tenzin Tseten Bhutia

Your wedding is one of the most momentous occasions of your life. Celebrations among friends and family are a huge part of your wedding and most wedding ceremonies go on for days with different themes and functions.

Right from selecting a theme for your wedding, the decorations, the menu, venue and what you will wear, today you can opt for a minimalistic but glitzy do or an out and out Nepali wedding with song dance and rituals in red.

In this edition of Designs On You, two well recognised designers, Manish Rai and Tenzin Tseten Bhutia tell you how to pick your wedding dress. Let’s hear it from the experts:

Your favourite bridal look for 2017

My favourite bridal look for 2017 has got to do with something that’s out of the box. Blending contemporary with a traditional touch is something I really admire. Over all it’s the initiative the bride takes to stand out from the crowd.

Trends for the modern bride

In terms of colour, red has been everyone’s favourite. Besides that, pastel colours are something that’s trending at the moment. Mix and match is something that’s also very trendy at the moment, in terms of colours, silhouette and embroidery.

Your best wedding dress design

I am just a baby in terms of bridal wear but the reviews that I have got are simply breathtaking. I was always scared to try my hands on bridal wear since it’s a very precious moment for the bride but I want to do it now with all my love and care to make it as beautiful as I can. My favourite bridal look so far that I have done and for which I have garnered much appreciation is a red bridal look for which I have used many metres of net as inside layers with embroidered blouse and shawl. My favourite sangeet or mehendi look is a shocking pink blouse and ribbon motif flowers on the skirt which was copied by many and which I take as a compliment.

A dream bride you’d like to design for

There are so many but for now Sonam Kapoor takes the cake since she is known for creative styling. Bella or Gigi Hadid will be another international celebrity and in Nepal, my favourites are Sahana Bajracharya, Priyanka Karki and Anna Sharma.