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WOW annual list of eligible bachelors 2016

Tenzing David Sherpa

Age: 28
Location: Kathmandu
Job Title/Profession: Founder & Senior Physiotherapist – Kinesiology Physiotherapy/
Executive Director – Astrek Group of Companies
Zodiac: Virgo

Born and raised in Kathmandu to a Belgian mother and a Sherpa father, Tenzing moved to Belgium in 2004 for his university studies. After completing his Masters in Rehabilitation Sciences and Physiotherapy he returned to Nepal to establish Nepal’s leading private physiotherapy practice, Kinesiology Physiotherapy. Soft spoken, respectful and strong are words that come to mind when describing this eligible bachelor.



What attracts you in a woman…

Intelligence, sense of humour, charming personality and the way she carries herself.

Three things a woman should know about you

• I am half Belgian/half Nepali.
• I am very fond of travelling and experiencing new cultures, people and food and I am very passionate about football.
• I have two brothers who look very similar to me.

On a romantic date, you….

I surprise her with a box of chocolates, take her to her favourite restaurant, and go for a long drive before we call it a night.

Relationship fear

Taking each other for granted

Baffling woman behaviour

This is a dangerous question. Staying as diplomatic as possible, I am going to say their love for shopping.

How do you show a woman that you are interested in her?

I wouldn’t shy away from starting a conversation. Listening to what she has to say will give me a sense of whether she is truly interesting beyond the initial physical attraction.

Ideal age to settle down


How long should great sex last?

Shouldn’t be too short or too long, but the ideal time is personal to every couple.

You know you are in love when

When I realise she is the person I want to share all my happy and sad moments with.

Best compliment you’ve received

That I am passionate about everything I do.

How well educated should she be?

Ideally she needs to have gone to university/college to encourage her to pursue a career she loves.