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The Art of Happiness

In this edition of WOW, we talk to some of the country’s most recognised artists and an art collector about a piece of art that gives them happiness.

Compiled by: Pabita Dahal 
wow photo file © Ram Tandukar

Sushma Shakya
Visual Artist

A piece of art that is very special to me is Reverence for Newari Architecture, as it reflects my roots. This painting takes me back to my childhood when things were simple and we were not glued to our gadgets. In the painting, I have left a lot of white lacuna to showcase the past; Kathmandu was not jam-packed and there used to be large areas for children to play. In the frame of the main image, I have incorporated ancient architecture of Kathmandu. I have also portrayed the aesthetics of Pauva; a luxurious scroll painting. Today, Kathmandu’s beauty is somewhat fading due to urbansation, and this painting is a reminder for me on how pretty once the city used to be. It is currently being displayed at an exhibition in Siddhartha Art Gallery.