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The Art of Happiness

In this edition of WOW, we talk to some of the country’s most recognised artists and an art collector about a piece of art that gives them happiness.

Compiled by: Pabita Dahal 
wow photo file © Ram Tandukar

Kurchi Dasgupta

The process of making a piece of art is always painful for me. To create something out of nothing is difficult and a daunting process. And there is no standard marker for me to know whether the work is near completion. But I know that my destination is near as soon as a feeling of joy begins to permeate the workspace, even though the work itself might be dealing with grave issues. A certain visual harmony begins to emerge and transforms into a silent but palpable aural harmony. I usually let go of the ‘making’ process when this music emerges from work. And so, though my works usually deal with grave socio-economic and planetary issues, I have been lucky to experience joy every time. Thankfully, with the passage of time and enhanced skills, it is easier and easier to experience this joy.

The work I have here was created a few months after the 2015 earthquake. As it’s called In Retrospect, it looks back upon the ten years of my living in Nepal. It brings together moments of fun and absurdity, and the inescapable realities of both Kolkata and Kathmandu. In Retrospect is the most lighthearted and joyous piece from the past 14 years for me.