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The Best Places For Women To Invest

Investment was in previous times the domain of men. Men were considered better at planning, evaluating and investing. Women were thought not to have the head for finance. Nothing could be more wrong when you see the number of women who are mastering and excelling brilliantly in finance and investment, many outperforming men. However, we need more working women to come forward and decide what to do with their money. The investment arena is huge and below I have highlighted a few choices that could bring you great returns.

women-and-financeAgriculture: The agriculture sector has got a huge potential for investment in Nepal. Over the years, the population is constantly increasing but people have moved away from agriculture to other sectors. However now is the right time to fill this gap. There are huge opportunities to invest in this business and benefit as price of agricultural products is on a steady rise. The model is such that you can sell locally as well as export your products. Organic foods remain a huge area of attraction in recent days.

Tourism: Tourism is another area of immense potential in Nepal and a great source of foreign exchange and revenue. One can invest in hotels and resorts, travels and tours agencies, restaurants, transport services, handicrafts, leisure industry, entertainment, etc. There are ample choices within the industry. Done right, this sector can be long sustaining and offer great returns on investment.

Education: New schools and colleges are on the rise. The demand for quality education holds immense potential. With the right infrastructure and an excellent curriculum, the education sector has immense opportunities for profit.

Commodity Trading: Very few women take part in trading and thus remain unaware of the great potential it offers. There are various advantages for women in trading as it pays according to risk, skills, and the market. Trading offers flexible time and can offer great returns once you learn the tricks of the trade.

Share Trading: Share trading also offers great potential for increasing revenue. You should be able to study, analyse and invest well. Women are natural traders. Investing is like shopping. Buying at low and selling at high rates is basically what share trading is all about. Women are more patient, more grounded and their egos aren’t as big. That’s why even research suggests that women share investors on average outperform men by 1% a year.

sonu-jainSonu Jain is associated with Mercantile Exchange Nepal Limited in the capacity of General Manager. She can be contacted through gm@mexnepal.com