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The Boxer-Ponytail Hybrid – Hairdos for girls on the go

Keeping your hair in place while going to the gym or playing sports can be a hassle. You want to be focused but hair on the face is hard to ignore. With these easy hairdos suggested by professional hairstylists, you will be able to concentrate on your game rather than the loose ponytail.

The Boxer-Ponytail Hybrid

Fringes look good, but they can be a problem and unmanageable while working out. This hairstyle keeps the fringes in check

Materials needed

Hairbrush, hair bands


  1. Brush and part your hair down the centre. Drape the left side over your left shoulder, and the right side over your right shoulder. Gather three thin sections from your hairline and start making a fishtail braid and wrap.
  2. Cross the left and right strands under the middle one. This is just like reverse French braiding. Instead of crossing the strands over the middle one, you’ll be crossing them under.
  3. Gather a thin strand of hair from your hairline. Add the strand to the left section.
  4. Give the left and middle sections a gentle tug to make them as tight as comfortable. Smooth down any stray hairs with your fingers.
  5. Gather a thick strand from your hairline and add it to the right section. Cross it under the middle one.
  6. Continue gathering thin strands of hair from your parting and keep adding them to the left and right sections. Cross the left and right sections under the middle one. Try to keep the braid between your ear and centre part, and angle it towards the centre of your nape.
  7. Gather all of your hair into a ponytail, and secure it with a hair tie.

Khusi Rai is one of the most creative freelance makeup artists in the industry. She has worked for covers of well-known magazines and newspapers.