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The Bunch 2018

From October 28 to November 4, The Bunch 2018 group art exhibition was held at the Classic Gallery in Lalitpur. The event was organised by the Bindu Space for Artists, an organisation dedicated to promote artists and provide them with various national and international trainings, opportunities and platforms. The Bunch 2018 featured the following young Nepali artists: Anil Prajapati, Aman Maharjan, Bijendra Shrestha, Bidhyaman Tamang, Jenney Ghale, Nabina Sunuwar, Pramila Lama, Ritu Thapa, Sarad Darshandhari and Sony Rai.

Though the artists used different techniques, mediums and expressions, the underlying theme of the exhibition was each artists unique attempt to capture cultural nuances, social effects and contemporary events around us. The exhibition was jointly inaugurated by senior artist Batsa Gopal Vaidya and acclaimed activist and entrepreneur, Shanti Chadha.