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the good and the bad – this life is worth living

Despite everything that happens to us – the good and the bad – this life is worth living. It is truly a gift. As another year comes to a close, I am filled with gratitude for my life, for the experiences, for the people, for the love I receive every day, for the ability to work and learn and grow, for having the health and senses to enjoy the abundance of life.

There are three quotes of Sadhguru that I would like to share with you:

How people are is their choice. How I am is my choice.
No matter what they do, no one can make me angry, happy, or unhappy. These privileges I have kept to myself. No one can cause mental pain to you. It is you – in reaction to something that happens around you.
Life is not outside of you. You are life.

The reason I picked these three is the conflict and the struggle I see everywhere around me, sometimes within me. We are so caught up in a life that we think we have designed, but reality is that most people are caught in jobs they do not enjoy, in relationships they don’t find meaningful, in social structures that they don’t really care about. Consumerism and technology has seeped into every area of our existence. We measure our lives in terms of the cars we own, the homes we live in, the schools we send our kids to, the restaurants we eat in, the mobile we communicate through… somewhere in all of this we have shortchanged our happiness, we have stopped owning our truth, we stopped acknowledging our true purpose.

What if, instead of trying to fit in and out do, we decided to actually simplify our life? What if instead of being weighed down, we decide to free ourselves? Life is too short to be carrying around baggage that you don’t really want or need. I know we all have circumstances and responsibilities to fulfill, but a few simple changes are always possible – deactivate your social media for a full day, let go of grudges, pay off your debts, get rid of toxic people or thoughts, de-clutter your personal space, throw away what you don’t need, think before your next purchase, make that time to show your parents you love them, spend more time with family, don’t take on more than you can handle, eat cleaner, exercise, meditate, listen to music, read, enjoy the winter sun,  play with your dog, be kind to a stranger…

With 2019, I know not everything will change, but I hope and aspire to living more consciously. And my wish for you is to have the heart and courage to be who you really are, to live simply, to love and be loved, to laugh a lot, and to enjoy the abundance and grace of the years in your life.