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The Model As Muse

The tribe of fashion photographers is an increasingly creative and competitive group. But what incites their creativity, how do they sync with the subject, and do they have favourites. We often hear of the artiste’s muse so WOW asked some of the country’s best known and upcoming fashion photographers if they had a muse, someone who brought out the best in their work. Here’s what they shared:

Text: Ankita Jain

Muse: Srijana Regmi
Wardrobe: Tenzin Tseten Bhutia
Makeup: Shrusha Shrestha

“Srijana Regmi is an extremely confident and friendly person and can carry any attire with ease. We share a strong coordination during the shoot. I have done several shoots with her. One of the most memorable shoots with her was at Gymkhana. Srijana was punctual as always and looked bold and gorgeous. It was my first shoot using a monokini dress but Srijana’s confidence made it a memorable one. Moreover, I admire all of her works and I respect her a lot”.

Muse: Priyanka MV
Wardrobe: Rasna Shrestha

“On every project which we have worked together, I am impressed at how supportive and insatiable Priyanka MV is. She’s proven to be at par excellence in exclusive theme shoots like the depiction of Goddess Kali, halloween, Kathak dancer, etc wherein she perfectly carried these avatars.

Among the various shoots, there is one we shot at the Rapti river. This shot was captured with the model in one boat while the cameraperson, lights, and props were on the other boat. It was a relatively tricky shot with a flaming sun over the head and balancing the whole set erected on a quaky boat in the middle of the river and in the company of Marsh Mugger and Gharials in their natural habitat. This shot is, and will always be, one of my favourites, with my gorgeous muse”.

Muse: Manita Devkota
MUA: themakeuproom
Accessories: Accessories Nepal

“Since the start of my career, I have considered Manita Devkota as my muse. It has been a wonderful journey shooting with her and I know her pretty well. Manita has been connected with me for a certain time now and it’s a growing bond between us. She is a fun-loving person and is always there to support. Further, she has been one of the steps to my career.

The day I first captured her in my lens has an interesting story. The shoot was for an automobile company but got cancelled on the very day of the shoot. Since the message was conveyed through SMS and I was busy packing the equipment required, I didn’t pay much attention to my phone. Interestingly my entire team reached the location and so did Manita. The makeup was done and other necessary set up was on the way. In between, I checked the phone and was taken aback. Things got heated up for awhile. However, everyone agreed to do the shoot just for the gram.

The surprise wasn’t over, the company called again and proposed to shoot the same day. We agreed and it turned out to be a long day. On the brighter side, it was fun and I was happy that I got to shoot my favourite Miss Nepal. At the end of the day, everything went well and we had a pretty good shoot and the bonding with Manita grew stronger.

This shoot is a portrait series and holds a special connection”.

Muse: Asmi Shrestha

“Amongst a lot of people that have been a part of my career as a photographer, my creative muse would be my sister, Asmi Shrestha. She has always been there for my portrait shoots or my professional work shoots. Being siblings, it’s a lot easier to have a shoot session with her as we are very comfortable when we are doing portrait sessions. We naturally have a strong bond, great communication, and share a good sense of humour.

About my favourite picture, it was a long time ago, I don’t remember the exact day or even the year, but there was this camera that my dad used to have, it was an old Nikon D40x, and being a photography enthusiast, I used to carry it wherever I could. There was one particular picture that I took of her, that was in Chitwan during Dashain, and back then I felt like this shot was the one. I even uploaded it on my Facebook, it still stays there in an album called ‘My Photography’.

Well, Asmi’s recognition around the country was of great help to get exposure for my work, which I am still thankful for. I usually have some style in my mind that I want to capture, and so does she. We communicate and create a photo that we both end up agreeing to. We end up having a lot of fun and she usually treats me with delicious food in exchange for the pictures”.