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The Most Eligible 2019

Successful, smart, confident, artistic and creative, this year’s choice for WOW’s most eligible bachelors and bachelorettes is an interesting mix of personalities and professions. Curious? Learn more as you read on.

Compiled by:  Pabita Dahal and Sachitra Gurung
wow photo file © Gokul Shrees

Mayenk Khadka

Profession: Owner, Club Deja Vu
Age: 27 years
Zodiac sign: Libra
Nickname: Ballu
Height: 6 feet 2 inches

This good looking bachelor is the owner of the renowned Club Deja Vu in the capital. He completed his BBA from the British College and is currently enrolled for his MIBM. Mayenk is an amiable, compassionate, protective and a family person. More importantly, all those who know him vouch that he has a heart of gold.

What do your family and friends like most about you?

I am fearless when it comes to protecting my loved ones and am very compassionate. They say I am kind, polite and a genuine person.

What are the three important things for a marriage to work?

Love, respect, communication and commitment are the primary elements while understanding, trust, selflessness and forgiveness are secondary.

What would be your commitment to your better half? 

I don’t think one commitment is enough. So here are few: I would stick by her through tough times and would also be with her in her difficulties, promise to always keep our personal life as priority.

If you could change any norms of marriage, what would you change?

I would definitely change the caste system.

Relationship goals

1. Travel around the world, especially Greece and England.
2. Try all kinds of food while travelling.
3. Attend concerts of our favourite international artistes.
4. Scuba diving.
5. Trek in the mountains of our country.


Love or arranged marriage…
Love marriage for sure.

How would you propose?
It would be dramatic and romantic. I not sure how I am going to do it, but it will be awesome.

Ideal Bride
Someone who is mature, has a good sense of humor, a giving heart, ample love for family, and mostly she should be emotionally compatible.

Wedding venue
It would be inside the valley. I would prefer an open space with classy decoration, no hotels or party palaces.

I would go for something soothing rather than stereotypical wedding songs. There is one band that plays in our club, Trishna. I just love them. I would surely hire them if they agreed.

Wedding attire
I think Nepali men don’t have that many options when it comes to the wedding attire. It’s either Daura Suruwal with a classic Khukuri or a tuxedo.

Continental and a genuine Nepali thali for dinner.

Greece and England

What would you want to pick up your bride in?
A buggy

Who would you want to take your wedding pictures?
I would hire my brother, Sujit Potey. Currently, he is the best in this business.