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The Most Eligible 2019

Successful, smart, confident, artistic and creative, this year’s choice for WOW’s most eligible bachelors and bachelorettes is an interesting mix of personalities and professions. Curious? Learn more as you read on.

Compiled by:  Pabita Dahal and Sachitra Gurung
wow photo file © Gokul Shrees

Romit Shakya

Profession: Entrepreneur
Qualifications: MSc. Marketing; BSc. Economics, University of East Anglia
Age: 26 years
Zodiac sign: Virgo-Libra Cusp
Height: As tall as Tom Cruise

Romit Shakya has completed his Bachelor’s in Economics and Accountancy and Master’s in Marketing and Management from University of East Anglia. He is the Business Development Manager at Kuber Jewelers, a company renowned for its exquisite handmade gold and silver jewellery. Humble and down to earth, Romit is known for his generous heart and assertive mind.

What do your family and friends like most about you?

Fairly debatable if it’s the best quality, but I strive for perfection. As big of an illusion it maybe, it ensures that I am always on my toes. Pushes me to do better than I had originally imagined, be better than the person I was yesterday. I like to keep raising the bar.

What does it take for a marriage to work?

Unconditional love and friendship. I believe that you should have the ability to shoulder no matter what life throws at you. You try and fix when it’s broken rather than discard it. Being best friends, your love for each other overrides trying to prove a point and goes beyond you guarding your ego when things go sideways.

What would be your commitment to your better half?

Will knock sense when I need to, will apologise when I must, will always stand by her, and promise to only keep falling more and more for her.

If you could change any norms of marriage what would you change?

I believe our value system, morals, so called ‘rules’ should be applicable only as long as they are valid and have a sensible explanation as to what and why we are doing or following certain things in a particular way. Many of what should/shouldn’t be done is passed down and thrust onto us without knowing the essence of it. And the worst of it all is that we don’t question anything! Rather, we tend to ignore. I believe that change needs to come from us.

Relationship goals

1. Live, laugh and enjoy a nice bottle of red wine, every now and then.
2. Build an empire together.
3. Have an exchange of our individual list of places we’d want to travel and then go there alone.
4. Engage in volunteering and charitable giving.
5. Make it a point to go on a spiritual quest.


Love or arranged marriage…
No strict preference. Finding the right person is essentially what is of paramount importance.

The ideal bride
I am quite convinced that ‘ideal’ does not exist. One is being purely superficial and selfish when s/he confines and allocates someone that fits the description of what is ‘ideal’. S/he is ‘ideal’ as long as one keeps fulfilling what your counterpart wants you to do. At the end of the day, it is just an ego-fuelling activity, as you’re bound to be disappointed once your better half drifts away from that description with the passing of time and other external/unaccounted factors. Hence, I’ll stick with compatibility for now.

How would you propose?
I would be writing romantic novels if I knew the ideal way (laughs). Anyway, I would be focusing on working my way up from tiny intricate details that I know will click and what my partner would appreciate, something that will make her heart skip a beat for sure.

Wedding venue
Home is where I would prefer the ceremonial rituals to be carried out. It is meant to be an auspicious occasion, filled with happiness, relentless joy and full of positive energy. All of that should lie at home and nowhere else. Also, I happen to have the utmost respect for our culture. For the wedding reception, literally any establishment that has high-ceilings will do. That’s a must.

Acoustic, even better if it is purely instrumental, I guess piano is the answer.

Wedding attire
Call it wishful thinking, but hopefully a nice designer label three-piece suit would make everything almost perfect. Also, I would be adding the bracelet that I am wearing now. My father has personally handcrafted it for me.

Honeymoon destination
I would probably delegate the task to a trusted friend who has a fair share of globe-trotting and knows me/my to-be-wife fairly well. The destination would be unknown to us.