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The Most Eligible 2019

Successful, smart, confident, artistic and creative, this year’s choice for WOW’s most eligible bachelors and bachelorettes is an interesting mix of personalities and professions. Curious? Learn more as you read on.

Compiled by:  Pabita Dahal and Sachitra Gurung
wow photo file © Gokul Shrees

Tenzing David Sherpa

Age: 31
Zodiac sign: Virgo
Profession: Physiotherapist
Nickname: David (It’s my middle name so not really a nickname, but there are lots of other ‘Tenzings’ in my family)
Height: 6’2″

Born and raised in Kathmandu to a Belgian mother and a Sherpa father, Tenzing has always had a thirst for experiencing new cultures and taking in the best of both worlds. He is the Founder and Senior Physiotherapist at Kinesiology Physiotherapy. Nowadays, he can be found more immersed in the development of several different projects with the family.

What do your family and friends like most about you?

I am passionate about everything I do and a bit of a perfectionist.

What are the most important things for a marriage to work?

Every day you see seemingly happy marriages/relationships coming to an end so I really cannot profess to know the answer to this question. I would say the basics of genuinely caring for each other and understanding/appreciating the value that your partner brings to your life would have to be crucial.

What would be your commitment to your better half?

That I would always look out for her and our families’ best interests first.

If you could change any norms of marriage what would you change?

I come from a mixed-race family so we are very liberal. I do not have a problem with any traditional norms as long as the couples are happy with them and often are proud that it is a part of their identity. However this is a very personal issue and if there are any norms the couples do not agree to then I feel they should have the freedom to decide against it.

Relationship goals

1. Travel
2. Have children
3. Create family traditions during holidays (for example Christmas at home)
4. Run a business together, possibly a restaurant (if that interests her)
5. Quiet evenings with a book/movie and wine