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The Perfect Match

Savanna Vaidya, a young entrepreneur and Binayak Basnyat, an international development worker are soon to tie the knot. Witty and quirky, beautiful and smart, the romantic young couple complement each other well. WOW catches up with the couple for a quick Q&A.

When did you get engaged?

Savanna and Binayak: If engagement means being committed to marriage we have been engaged many times.

When do you want to get married?

Savanna and Binayak: We are getting married spring of 2019.

How did you first meet?

Savanna: 12 years ago when Binayak came to the British School for a friendly basketball match.

The most memorable date you’ve had…

Savanna: One of our very first dates sometime in summer of 2010, we sat under this big old tree while we looked at the city from afar.

Binayak: Simple dates are the most memorable for me. I mostly enjoy watching movies while sharing spicy chicken burger or eating oranges and peanuts in the sun.   

What quality do you most admire about each other?

Binayak: Sava’s ability to carry her head on her shoulders and build up positivity and strength from all experiences.

Savanna: Binayak has all the qualities it takes to make a great father, husband, and most importantly a great friend and human being.

What was the best engagement present you received?

Savanna and Binayak: Each other

How would you describe the style of your wedding?

Savanna and Binayak: Traditional with contemporary aesthetics. We are making it a celebration of love and togetherness with family and friends.

What’s been the most fun detail of your wedding plan?

Savanna: Discussing wedding details with my family

Binayak: The anticipation in the eyes of the family

What’s been the most difficult detail of your wedding to agree upon?

Savanna: Whether or not the roads in Buddhanilkantha will be built on time for the horse carriages to come up.

Binayak: This definitely has to be choosing the photographer because to pick the right vision in capturing such precious moments is difficult.

What do you look most forward to: the wedding day, the night, or the honeymoon?

Savanna and Binayak: Well if it’s not fair to say all three then we look forward to the wedding night.

What will be the most unique detail of your wedding celebrations?

Savanna: The guest list, as we have friends and family who will be attending from around the world.

Binayak: The array of functions representing a diversity of our two families.

Wedding day anticipation…

Savanna and Binayak: The prayer/sloka chanting by the gurus while we sit around the fire.