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The Puppy Box


The Puppy Box ( Rajendra Bahadur Khand )
Age : 32
Business: Pet store

What is the idea behind your business?
We started in 2011. We started importing different kind of breeds from different countries as per client’s demand. We have been doing this for six years. We get puppies from India, Thailand, China and other countries as well and we always try to do our best and bring genuine breeds for our customers.

How difficult was it to start, and what kept you going through the challenges?
Well I have always been a dog lover. Before starting the business, I used to have cross breeds at home. I had no idea at all about this business. Once I got into business I came to know about so many breeds which I had never seen before. This is an amazing business! It was as difficult in the beginning but I just set my mind to overcoming all the challenges.

One ‘Aha’ moment in the business…
The “Aha” moment was when we first sold a dog for Rs.1,60,000. That was the very first time we sold such an expensive breed!

Did you always want to be an entrepreneur?
Yes I always wanted to be entrepreneur

The one thing you absolutely love about what you do?
When our customers are happy! I feel proud to have satisfied customers.