WOW | Ed Page

The rains have always been special

The rains have always been special… the smell of the earth as the first drops hit its parched surface, the droplets creating beautiful imaginary paths on a window pane, the magic of drenched trees dancing in the wind, the colourful umbrellas swaying down the streets, the rhythmic sound of water on the roof… beautiful, magical rain. And when she is angry, she can be devastating, flowing uncontrolled and angry and taking all that comes her way.

I often contemplate on water and monsoon is the perfect time to sit and reflect. As I child, I loved sailing paper boats in pools of water rushing down the street. I also loved jumping into puddles and getting drenched in the rain. As I grew I found that I loved watching the rains especially falling into the ocean where blue met blue… I could sit and watch the rains for hours finding a strange rhythmic harmony in its downpour.  It was also always the perfect time for a hot cup of sweet tea, a good book and a warm quilt.

The magic never really faded for me even in situations when the roads get muddy and slushy and getting around becomes a mini battle of dodging potholes and oncoming vehicles.

But I also know that the rains can be unforgiving and hard for the poor. With makeshift roofs over their heads, rains can play havoc on their lives. Work is hard to come by for the daily wage earner and for those living on river banks, dangers abound with loss of life and property. Children fall sick and it’s hard to stay warm and dry. Stray animals suffer too. I guess this is nature’s way of reminding you that you are privileged if you are warm and safe, and it’s time to reach out a helping hand and do the best you can.

Water is the elixir of life. It’s precious. Yet it must be contained and appreciated for it to continue being the force of life. May the magic of monsoon always remain… may children always revel in the thrill of paper boats and rains.