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The Sound Of Healing

WOW talks to two individuals who have been healing people through sound vibrations.
Text by: Pabita Dahal

Swami Chaitanya Krishna (Binod Thapa)
Sound Therapist

Since 2012 Swami Chaitanya Krishna has been healing people using singing bowls. He is the owner of two healing centres: Golden Temple Signing Bowls and Dynamic Singing Bowls.

What got you interested in sound healing therapy?

It is my family legacy; my grandfather was a shaman. At the age of 16, I started meditating and became an Osho Sanyasi. After some years of meditation, I returned to my community and started to serve as a sound healer; this has also been my income source as well. As for singing bowls, I used to sell them at one time. Also as I am a lover of sound and music, I am passionate about my work.

How does singing bowl therapy work?

The singing bowl is one of the means of sound healing. We use the sound of singing bowl and mantras to heal. Sound has healing quality because it invites reaction; just as you react when somebody calls you by your name. Everything has a structure. Nowadays unhealthy lifestyle has damaged the natural state of our body. Sound heals the unmanaged body with its high frequency and returns it to its normal structure. Sound can react with our body because our body is made up of 70% water. Water has consciousness and memory which reminds the natural structure as sound invites it to react. When the body is in a normal state, no disease can attack.

As per science, 90% of the causes of the disease are stress. Stress means a high frequency of the brain. When we are in stress, our brain becomes highly active, and it creates high brain waves up to 42 Hz/sec. Gama, alpha, beta, theta, and delta are the types of brain waves. They respectively create 38-42, 13-38, 8-13, 5-8, and 0.1-5 Hz/sec. As stressful mind creates high waves, high sound also creates high waves. When a high frequency of mind faces a high frequency of sound, it realises that high wave is not the solution. So, as we reduce the frequency of sound, the brain also reduces its frequency and gradually reaches the state of Delta which is the state of bodylessness and mindlessness. It is the perfect peacefulness where the mind becomes relaxed and blissful. There exists no stress. The milestone of the entire mental and physical problem is stress. It produces harmful hormones. When we become happy, then the stress-free brain produces healing hormones and there happens self- healing.

What instruments do you use?

I use a bell, Jhyali, and singing bowl. Singing bowl has both sound and vibration. The vibration creates the fluctuation and heals physically circulating the blood, releasing joint pain and muscle pain. Just like fluctuation of clothes takes away the dust, the fluctuation of vibration of the singing bowl cleans mental dust. The singing bowl is made up of seven metals: gold, silver, mercury, tin, iron, copper and zinc. These days the popularity of singing bowl is growing; Tibetans use it for alarm, Japanese play it before prayer, and there are also singing bowl concerts around the world.

What disorders can be treated with the sound healing process?

Honestly speaking, we cannot claim that we can cure diseases because we are not academically certified. We work with traditional and spiritual beliefs, but we can assure you of relaxation. Sound has high frequency, which cleans all negative energies. We diagnose energy, not the physical body. Especially we have seven main Chakras inside us, we inspect them and clean them. We find defects in them, like which has a blockade, which one is smaller than the aura and which one is large, then clean them as per the need with different sound and mantras. Energy affects the system. So, we believe in cleaning the energy, not the system. Chakras are a powerhouse. If we clean and care for them, they flow with positive energy and we remain healthy and happy.