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The Spinz Active Girl 2020

Niruta Shrestha is the winner of the Spinz Active Girl 2020, a title she won among more than 10,000 participants from 16 different colleges in the valley. Niruta, 21, is from Bara and a student of Texas International College. She has a keen interest in dancing, modeling and acting. The Spinz Active Girl is a contest organised by Cavinkare that celebrates the free spirit and love for the adventure of today’s woman. This is the third edition of an event that started in 2018. The winner speaks to WOW’s Pabita Dahal about her journey. Excerpts:

How did you learn about the contest?

It happened accidentally. I was in the college grounds and a dance competition was going on which was the first round of the Spinz Active Girl 2020. My friends insisted that I participate. I agreed and unexpectedly won the competition. After that, I won all the rounds one after another and became the winner.

What is your strength that you think made you win?

The motivation my friends provided me was my greatest strength throughout the journey. At first I thought it was just a competition, but as I passed each round I found it to be more than a competition; it became a platform for self exploration. I gave my 100% for each performance and achieved it. It was also an opportunity to collect new experiences. I participated in new things I had never tried before. Overall, it was a huge learning experience.

As the Spinz Active Girl, how do you find the product?

It is very good. I especially recommend the BB Cream. It makes your skin smooth and glowing. You will feel the difference when you apply it. The other products like body spray are also amazing.