WOW | Ed Page

The things we do… and the things we don’t.

Life is full of choices and almost every minute we are making these choices most often on a subconscious level. For example we often reach out for a piece of chocolate just because it’s there or eat something when we are not even hungry. We look at a person and decide to like them or not without even getting to know them. Buy a book just because we like the cover or impulsively order a product online. Yet there are decisions and choices we struggle with that include starting an exercise program, learning how to drive, going off junk food, saving more, spending less, having babies, making time for the family, learning a new skill or simply sitting still for 10 minutes every day. What makes us do the thing we do… and the things we don’t.

Mostly it’s just habit. We condition ourselves through the choices we make over time. And sometimes these habits and beliefs are so toughly ingrained in us that we struggle with the slightest change. And that’s why perhaps it important the every so often we sit back and take a good look at how we really feel about our choices. Why aren’t we more compassionate? Why are we so attached to out things? Why is it so difficult to let go? Why is it so hard to start over again? Why do we not trust easily or forgive when we are hurt? Why is it easier to believe something bad about another person than appreciate and applaud their achievement? Why do we feel sorry for ourselves? Why do we say yes when we want to say no? Why do we question why us when things go wrong and not when good things happen? Why do we want things that we don’t need?

Life is not tailored for only comfort and convenience, life comes with challenges, and life is short. Knowing this, perhaps we need to do a lot more of the things we love. We need to go beyond the concept of just doing good to doing things that are meaningful. We are easily able to count how much we spent and what we acquired in material terms, but can we account for time spent that can never be replaced. Someone once wisely said, perhaps the greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return.