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The unexpected love story

Five years ago, Norsang Sherpa and Sabin Khatiwada found each other through a social networking site. Although they were using fake IDs they realised they were falling in love for real. Norsang and Sabin both figured out their sexual orientation when they were teenagers.  Sabin who is from Jhapa moved to Kathmandu after his SLC and is currently working with the Blue Diamond Society. On the other hand, Sherpa is trying to finding a good job abroad.

What do you admire about your partner?

Norsang: He is a very genuine person, I love his innocence.
Sabin: I admire everything about Norsang. He is really talented, supportive, confident and caring.

What has been the biggest challenge for you as a gay couple?

Norsang: Our society has still not accepted us for who we are. It’s difficult to convince people that our love is true and we want to spend the rest of our lives together. People judge us negatively all the time. Since same-sex marriage is not recognised it gives people more reason to backbite about us. Also, it’s difficult to find a well-paying job when you are gay; people are more concerned about the sexual orientation rather than qualification here. This is one of the reasons I have planned to go abroad to find a good job, so we can make our future secure.
Sabin: Being a gay couple, it’s difficult to display our affection towards each other because people start staring. It’s almost impossible to convince people that our love and emotions as just as natural as theirs.

What is your take on marriage?

Norsang/Sabin: From the very beginning of our relationship we have thought about marriage. We are open to the idea of marriage and in fact, we even want to start a family. It would be wonderful if same-sex marriage becomes recognised in the country.

What makes you WOW couple?

Norsang/Sabin: Our bond, trust and respect for each other.

What was your happiest moment together?

Norsang: When he inked my name on his skin.
Sabin: Our recent visit to Kalinchok temple, Dolakha. At first, we were about to cancel our trip but Norsang’s father encouraged us to continue with our plans. He also sponsored it.