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The World of Rose – Rose Lama

Curious and eager to learn, Rose Lama recently won the title of Miss Nepal Supranational 2019. Prior to competing in the Miss Nepal pageant, she was a student in the United States who was working with three different student organisations. Rose is driven to bring positive change in society by empowering the youth. She is currently busy preparing to represent Nepal in Miss Supranational 2019. In this edition of WOW, she takes out time to share a few of her favourite things.

Text by: Anushka Shrestha
wow photo file © Ram Tandukar
Location: Opium, Durbar Marg

What makes life beautiful? 

The personality and thoughts of a person; a person's external world is a reflection of his/her internal world.

What makes you beautiful? 

My personality

What makes you smile? 

When I see other people smile.

Favourite comedian

Trevor Noah

The best thing about being me

I am very innovative

Current perfume


I am addicted to…

Art and colours

On my wishlist

Sky diving and bringing home the Supranational crown.

I stay fit by

Eating healthy and exercising

I always struggle with

Speaking because of my heavy Mongolian accent

Best year of my life


Latest splurge

Shoes, clothes and suitcases

Skincare routine

Extra hydrating facemask for my combination skin

Style Icons

Alexander Mcqueen

Always in my handbag

First aid kit

To unwind I… 


Favourite holiday destination

Iceland and Egypt

Makeup… can’t do without

Hydrating gel

Favourite makeup brands

Marc Jacobs, Estee Lauder and Clinique

One tip I learnt that makes me photo ready

Always smile

Three things I do to look my absolute best

Put on a good outfit, fix my makeup and smile

On a bad hair day…

I just wear a hoodie