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The Young & Talented

WOW brings you three high spirited and ambitious young designers determined to make a global mark with their creativity.
Text by: Pabita Dahal

Bigya Ghimire
Co- founder, Teela

It all began when Bigya Gimire’s sister who lives abroad asked her to send her a jewelry item. Bigya is not a fond of the heavy cultural jewelry designs and began her search for something simple and pleasing. This search led to her fascination for the jewelry making process. She had spent hours and hours to find the perfect design for her sister and finally came across a ‘panch dhatu’ piece. She liked the mix of metal elements that were symbolic but the creativity in design was still wanting.  So she decided to make her own piece. When she had created a few designs, she showed them to Priyanka Sharma, her partner and co- founder, who basically runs and financially invests in the brand Teela. And thus Teela was born in April 2018.

Teela is a Tamang word which means ‘what’ in English language. “For us it meant ‘what’s next’or ‘what can we do for you?’ as we are trying to personalise jewelries and accessories for clients to their closest possible need”, shares Bigya.

Teela is a Nepali life style brand that primarily works with pancha dhatu to create its products. Moving away from the traditional notion of heavy jewelries they craft small contemporary pieces inspired by geometric shapes. Experimenting with different materials adds to the creativity and elegance of the pieces. Currently, they are working on a new range of products inspired by the Game of Thrones series.

Bilal Ahmed Shah
Founder, Latido

Bilal Ahmed Shah’s decision to lunch Latido was unplanned and circumstantial. Being a student of engineering he was in confusion whether to continue with studies or start a business. His father already owned a leather manufacturing company which worked on wholesale basis. Bilal believed that a producer should sell their products themselves, and that lay the foundation for Latido.

Latido is a Spanish word which means ‘heartbeat’ in English. The company works on customising products to consumer needs. Leather jackets are in high demand followed by bags, wallets, belts, camera covers etc.

“We are growing, progressive and young company. We are so glad to have so much admiration, positive energy and emotional support from people who believe in us, want us to experiment, and also promote us. Their feedback is especially important to us and crucial to our growth”, he shares.

Bilal dreams of reaching his company to a global level but first he wants it to be established and recognised as a Nepali brand.

Meena Gurung
Founder/Designer, Bora Studio

Meena Gurung completed her Bachelor’s degree in fashion design from Griffith College Dublin in 2015. From the first year of college, she had conceptualised Bora which is deeply connected to Nepali lifestyle and culture. She knew that she would one day belong to the fashion industry and inspire and impact society and bring change in how people perceive clothing. Bora Studio was launched in April 2017.

“The word ‘Bora’ has its roots in the Nepali culture. Everything starts and ends with it. Seeds are delivered in it to farmers; they plough the field, plant the crops, harvest it and again the final production is sold in the market using the same Bora. It depicts a meaningful essence of the life cycle.  It encompasses our traditions, culture and values, and goes beyond.”

In Bora Studio, fabrics are handpicked and ethically made by local weavers and manufacturers. Their designs take inspiration from the everyday life, and end each product has a story to share. The approach is on being minimalist and sustainable and driven by quality, not quantity.

Meena believes that, her hard work, dedication and belief in slow fashion are the secret to her success. This summer, Bora Studio is introducing a lineup of men’s wear using linen, bamboo and raw silk. For now her products are available online and through a few merchandising stores.