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Thendup Sherpa
General Manager, Landmark Manpower Solution

I guess I have to talk about my first job interview experience in the same way my granny use to start her stories… eka desh ma.

My first job interview was way-way back when I had given my ICSE exam in 1985. My first interview was at Trek Mate for the position of Office Assistant cum Guide. I guess I did not really know that you need to wear formal clothes. Remember this was way back in the 1980s where there was no internet, no Google. Yes, such a time did exist. I went for the job interview wearing an oversized Tibetan yak wool sweater, jeans, and boots. I met up with the lady who ran Trek Mate, Indira Gongba. She asked me why I wanted to work instead of enjoying the three month break and would I agree to do work that was not in the job description like cleaning. I explained that I wanted to earn money to pay for my college and not nag my family too much for money. I could go to Kathmandu anytime to enjoy but I wanted to stay back in Darjeeling, work, earn and prepare for college. Regarding the extra work, I told her there was no job too small or below me. I wanted to learn.

I got the job and worked there for over four years during my college days, learnt a lot about communication, work ethics and counselling and of course about the trekking business. I have given other job interviews after I came back to Nepal. But my first job interview was the best experience I ever had. It was so good I still remember it even after 33 years.