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What are your thoughts on women going for Botox, implants, fillers and other cosmetic procedures?

Mahesh Mahat

Ekta Books

I think cosmetic and other kinds of reconstructive surgeries that focus on correcting and repairing damage to the body; functional impairments caused by burns; facial bone fractures and breaks; inherited abnormalities like cleft lips; are indispensable. However, plastic procedures are not always about health. These days, surgery is more associated with beauty, money and fame. Any name you give – plastic surgery, implant, Botox, fillers – all of these are intended to add value to the physical appearance. People may argue, “If they can afford it and it makes them happy, who are we to pass comments?” Mahesh-MahatI personally feel beauty, that is in fact the product of numerous plastic surgeries, doesn’t make a woman beautiful. Actually, her appearance is unrealistic. Unnatural. Our appearances change as we get older. By mid thirties, we don’t look like our 20-year-old selves. In forties, we look even older. That’s life. And, that’s nature. With these cosmetics makeovers, how far would a woman go to turn back the clock? Not to mention, the ladies who had fillers in their lips have a weird smile. A 19-year-old girl is encouraged to have injections of Botox. Is this the result of shallow society that values physical appearance more than the brain? Oh yes… then how about soul surgery, instead? There are better ways to get on with life. Be thankful for what you have. Put energy into developing humour, character, personality, ethics, and wisdom. Beautiful is natural because nature is always beautiful. Period.