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What are your thoughts on women going for Botox, implants, fillers and other cosmetic procedures?

Bobby Thapa

Sattya Media Arts Collective

Women going for cosmetic procedures are quite common these days. Personally, I don’t know anyone who has done any kind of invasive procedures such as Botox or fillers and looking at the topic from my distance, I have more questions than I have opinions. On one hand, perhaps the beauty standards society places on women shape our sense of what is proper and accepted and it is evolving. Perhaps cosmetic surgery will be so common in the future, it may be like getting a tattoo. Ancient tribal traditions have been practising all sorts of body modification to enhance appearances.


However, this modern phenomenon is probably more of a personal crisis of ageing rather than beautification. Through cosmetics and surgery, the denial of growing old can support our vanity and envy of nature’s fleeting charm, youth and beauty. Nowadays even younger women are getting cosmetic procedures, especially celebrities. I reckon you have to be somewhat rich to indulge in this, and my opinion is that it is an indulgence.