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What are your thoughts on women going for Botox, implants, fillers and other cosmetic procedures?

Tseten Tsatultsang

Hotel Shambala

Tseten-TsatultsangFirstly, I think its okay for anyone dealing with deformities or any such injuries to undergo cosmetic treatment. Their appearance may appear unnatural, which can affect public perception towards them and inversely affect their self-esteem. Or even for health concerns. However, for people who want to undergo cosmetic surgery to simply look a certain way, I don’t believe it’s the right approach. The topic of cosmetic procedures is only the apex of deeper issues related to the pressures that society places on physical appearances. The media and society dictates our definition of beauty. I believe, however, that physical appearance is only one aspect of a person’s characteristics. I mean there are other aspects that make an individual more attractive, for example, intelligence, confidence or even a wicked sense of humour! Those other aspects can make a person even more beautiful!

But at the end of the day, it’s to each their own. I think every woman owns her body and it is up to her! It’s about doing whatever makes you happy!