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What are your thoughts on women going for Botox, implants, fillers and other cosmetic procedures?

Supendra Raj Bhandari

Guhekali Multi-purpose Cooperative

supendraMedia strongly showcases women being physically attractive. It has stereotyped women as beauties. This tends to pressurise some women who don’t match up to the media set expectations. However, not all women take such treatments.

I believe in beauty being reflected in one’s personality. It’s the personality trait which needs outstanding grooming and not the face and body undergoing these procedures.

Aging itself is a natural process and women of all ages are beautiful in their own way. Everyone is unique and changing one’s body would take away that individuality. However, if a woman chooses to follow some cosmetic procedure for any reason, I think we should support her decision because it is her body and her life, thus her personal choice. Finally, we need to stop promoting a specific feminine stereotype in the media. Women need to accept themselves for who they are and be proud of it, and we, in general, should respect women as a whole.