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Thousands of words in a frame LAXMI PRASAD NGAKHUSI

Text: Anushka Shrestha

Laxmi Prasad Ngakhusi believes that each photograph should unfold a story. He has held six solo exhibitions: My Work Art Exhibition (2003), Creation Art Exhibition (2004), Faces of Straw Art Exhibition (2005), Creation Art Exhibition – Part II (2006), Images of Khokana (2009) and Life of Khokana (2011), which have gained him immense appreciation for his work from locals as well as tourists. In a conversation with WOW, the amazingly talented photographer reveals his fascination for Nepal’s culture and heritage.

How did you become a photographer?

I have always loved capturing moments. I started photography as a hobby and now it has turned into my profession and passion.

“Everyone is a photographer, but not every picture is a photograph,” what do you think?

Nowadays everyone is a camera nut but this doesn’t make them a professional photographer. Photography is more than expensive tools and gear, it’s about the creativity, angle and your way of expression. Obviously there is a difference between a professional photographer and an amateur. Anyone can put a camera to their face, press a button and take a picture, but not all can transform a picture into a story, it’s a skill.

What kind of photography interests you?

I come from the beautiful city of Bhaktapur which has rich cultural roots and colourful festivals, hence I am interested in cultural photography. I feel that the best way to promote our country’s cultural diversity is through images.

What inspires you?

I am a self-inspired photographer. In the early days my family did not support me in what I wanted to do. I managed it all by myself.

How is photography evolving in the country?

There has been a lot of technological changes and development. Initially, there were very few photographers but now, everybody has easy access to the gear. Photography has become a trend. Mobile journalism is on the rise, everyone who has a good camera phone is becoming a photographer.

Also, on every small or big occasion, we take photographs not just to keep memories but to show others what we are doing. Further, competition among media houses is very high. Photography is definitely growing and widening in scope.

What makes a picture stand out?

It’s all about the photographer’s skill in composing a picture. Good knowledge about gear and timing is a must. Natural lighting and framing while avoiding background disturbances is extremely important, especially for portrait and landscape images.

Favourite lens
Canon 300 mm
If not a photographer…
I would be a visual artist
Photography is..