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Timeless Beauty – Nandita KC

With over a decade in Nepali films, actor Nandita KC rocks the bridal look in this edition of WOW. Nandita, with her sheer talent and looks, has won the hearts of her audiences and is the recipient of several awards. She now lives between the United States and Nepal and told us that she is soon making a comeback with a new project as a producer while she continues doing music videos and photo shoots.

Myself in 3 words…

Humble, hopeful and trendy.

My biggest strength

Ability to stay positive and be persistent even in the face of adversities.

My goal

Empower young women through arts and entrepreneurship.

I am happiest when…

My work makes a meaningful impact on others.

Fashion is…

What makes you feel easy, comfortable and confident!

I am secretly afraid of…


Life is…

Beautiful and I am thankful for it. One can complain about life for so many reasons but there are way more reasons to be thankful for it. I am blessed with a beautiful and supportive family, so many friends and well-wishers who support me no matter what.

A dream I am holding onto…

is to direct a Nepali movie.

Ten years from now…

Still active in the entertainment industry albeit in a different role. I plan to be a part of the Nepali entertainment industry no matter where I am geographically. I plan to own a business and invest in Nepali cinema as a producer.

Things people don’t know about you

› I am a religious person and always pray in the morning.
› Acting was not my first career choice. It was purely incidental
› I have never tasted alcohol.
› My niece is a grown-up woman finishing studies in nursing. It was something I set out to do in the beginning and I am proud that someone in my family is pursuing it.
› I have a quiet poet within me… and I write poems.

Photographed by: Raj Bhai Suwal
Wardrobe: Oodni The Boutique/01-5180327
Accessories: The Empress/9851006111,
Naxal, Bhatbhateni
MUA: Sizi Thapa
Coordinated by: Rojina /Sonu/Priya