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To know love is to love

To know love is to love…

I know that love comes in many hues, textures and forms… it’s like a river that flows, hugging the banks but following its own course, sometimes a raging river, sometimes still and deep.

I know that love is like fire… it can take you to the heights of ecstasy burning your soul, yet it is also that mellow flame that lights the darkest night and warms you.

Love is like air too… freeing, wild and everywhere… a storm of passion or a cool caressing waft of gentleness.

Love is like the earth… deep, rooted, nurturing… a homecoming for the heart.

Love is magic, poetry, madness and it’s fierce. To know love is to love.

I have seen love that is silent and I have seen love that echoes through the mountain and stands proud against the world. I have also seen the pain that comes with love. It’s heart breaking… and it’s healing.

I know that love cannot be measured or held or given. It is or it isn’t.

I know also that love is hard and heart breaking. It’s an unfolding of merging and separation. It’s about waiting, forgetting and knowing too.

Love is a little crazy… made up of deep kisses, long conversations, strange adventures and midnight laughter.

And love is strong… it weathers the worst storms, get trampled, and yet it grows and flourishes even in the most broken places.

It’s also about your truth… and finding the truth in another person. And often you love even when you shouldn’t. It is about connecting, even as much it is about leaving the ground. It’s like being lost and it’s like being found.

And in this month that celebrates love, I leave you with a quote…

Unless it is mad, passionate, extraordinary love, it’s a waste of time.

There are too many mediocre things in life, love should not be one of them.