WOW | Eating Out

Top 5 Restaurants

Vidhan Rana is the founder of Biruwa Ventures and enjoys eating out frequently. He chooses his restaurants for their ambience as much as for the quality of food and service. Meal times are best shared with family and friends, he says, yet he also enjoys quiet moments of reflection over a meal. Here he shares his pick of five favourite restaurants in town.

Southern Comfort – Jhamsikhel

They serve an amazing American Southern breakfast that I crave every once in a while. Their biscuit with gravy is specially amazing and no other breakfast place in Kathmandu does hash browns better than them in my opinion. I am always surprised that the place is empty, which sometimes adds to the charm. I have leisurely breakfasts there spending an hour or so reading newspapers and magazines.

Lete Thakali Kitchen – Tangal

This place is not so well known in Kathmandu but probably serves one of the best Thakali food in town. Every time I have daal bhat craving during lunch, I pick this place. The owners are really friendly (like all Thakali people) and they have maintained traditional Thakali taste by using ingredients brought from Mustang.

Lazy Gringo – Jawalakhel

Who could imagine that you could find Arizona style Mexican food in Kathmandu. I love Mexican food and this place never fails to send me out with a happy face and an equally satisfied stomach. They certainly have the best nachos in town, but I have tried almost everything on the menu and I keep going back for more.

Mela – Lazimpat

Mela is my go to Indian restaurant if friends or family ask me to take them to a good Indian restaurant. Its centrally located with convenient parking. It has a high end vibe but is priced decently. I usually go there for its rumali roti and hariyali chicken, this is what I never a miss. The gazal there is sometimes annoyingly loud but with their tongue twistingly great food, I bear with the loud music.

Electric Pagoda – Thamel

There are a few places in Thamel which have the right combination of a hangout place, bar and lounge atmosphere and also serve good food, this one of them. Their choice of Mexican food and burgers are surprisingly delicious. The crowd is always interesting. It is a good place to have random conversations with random strangers if you are up for it.