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In this edition of WOW, we bring you two inspiring travel bloggers to follow on Instagram
Text by: Pabita Dahal

Niusha K. Karki
Instagram: niusha.k.k

Why follow her?

Niusha is a fashion, travel and lifestyle blogger based in New Orleans and is a true style guru! If you’re after inspiration for your next holiday outfit then you must visit her Instagram page. Currently pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Southern Mississippi, Niusha always gets eye-catching shots for her posts; from her coffee shop visits to some of the most exotic locations.

Although it has only been three years that she started blogging, she has visited many countries including the United States, Mexico, Indonesia, China, Dubai, Malaysia, Singapore, Qatar, India, Turkey, and London. She plans to visit Paris, France and Italy very soon.

She says: I grew up travelling with my parents; they have been taking me on their business trips since I was two years old. Travelling for me is all about meeting new people. I love to observe different lifestyles.

While travelling my priority is safety. So, I always make sure to do proper research beforehand. One of the biggest challenges while travelling is to fix the route and arrange finances. I recommend to plan and figure out your budget three-six months prior.

Also, I don’t like going through the airport processes because it is really annoying after you have gone through it a thousand times. But, overall I think whether good or bad, every trip gives you an experience of a lifetime.