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True to the core

Blessed with smouldering looks, a great body and personality, Nitigya Singh is a head turner. He has been on the covers of many international magazines and walked the ramp for many fashion shows. He has also endorsed a few well-known brands in India. The charmer takes time off his busy schedule to talk to WOW. Excerpts:

How would you introduce Nitigya Singh to the world?
One in a billion people who does what he loves and always pushes himself to get better every day.

How do you start your day?
I don’t really plan how I start my day unless I am shooting the next day. Just like every day is different so is every start to it. But let’s say by drinking a bottle of water.

Three things that the world doesn’t know about Nitigya …
I have never studied in Nepal.
I am very disciplined and organised.
I am adventurous and sporty.

What does being a model mean to you?
Being a model is more than photographs and ramp walks. Not every shoot is the same and not every show has the similar kind of mood. When you become a model, you become an icon. People look up to you, admire you, hate you, love you and follow you. It is really important to understand that when you have the limelight on you, you make a statement and you can make a difference. It’s powerful.

Other than modelling what are your plans?
Nothing so far, I am just going with the flow and learning new things. I know that when the time is right, life will have something ready.

Is there anyone in the industry that you consider a role model?
There is always someone who we look up to but none that I know from the industry. I have always looked up to my parents. For me, they have always been my inspiration.

You cannot live without…
Studying in a boarding school all my life I believe I am flexible and can adapt to new things very easily. But there are few things without which life would be meaningless like cleanliness, music, gym and good food.

What are you currently busy with?
Shoots, shoots and more shoots.


Your profession has so many good-looking people; do you ever succumb to temptation?
After hanging around and looking at good people every day, it starts becoming a normal thing. The beginnings are always wow and amazing. But then it is not the looks that hold you but the intellect of a person and what the mind holds.

How would you rate yourself on the 1-10 hotness scale?
Now, this is something that I am not generous with myself. If I had to rate myself at anything I would never go above five.

Can you cook?
Cooking is therapy for me. There is a certain magic to cooking. When I am feeling low or have a lot going in my head, I tend to cook. It’s like loving someone without hurry; spending time waiting to put the right ingredients at the right time. The flavours, the smell and then the taste, it feels heavenly when done truly. I don’t have a signature dish as such but yes, I make pretty good dal and rice and aloo tareko.

If you had to choose between your work and relationship, what would you choose?
I personally believe being good at one makes you better at the other; that’s how you have a little balance in life because nothing is perfect. If you excel in work but then do not have anybody to share the joy with, it would be sad. At the end of the day, we need to learn to do what we love and love what we do.

What are the most important factors to a long-lasting relationship?
I would say it is not just about being happy and sharing the good times. The key is to be there for each other. To trust and keep pushing each other to do things. Listening and taking advice and keeping the faith and hope alive because both do not want to see the other fail.

What type of boyfriend are you?
That’s a question my girlfriend would answer better than me.

If you could play the role of a character from any romantic movie, which one would it be?
Why not put a dozen romantic movies together which then would bring out my true character and I’d play it.