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Trust your intuition

Should you follow your intuition or what seems to be the logical explanation? As women we are often caught in this trap. Our heart and gut tell us one thing, yet reason another. Often fear drives many of our decisions, fear of knowing the truth but not really wanting to know. In Kathmandu, I increasingly hear about illicit relationships. I don’t stand on a moral ground while I write this, I am just trying to examine the reason behind. In fact, truth be told I don’t really have an opinion on other people’s lives.

But I do think about why people are compelled to cheat. Perhaps nature did not intend us to be monogamous. I am especially disheartened when really young girls get into situations with older, rich and successful men just for the money. In reality how many people in Kathmandu can really afford cars, dinners at five star hotels and restaurants, professional makeup, branded clothes and accessories, spas and massage, the latest high end phone… and all on a regular basis? Yet very young women have access to this even if they go back home to a middle class existence where the parents worry and think twice about having the walls painted or a leakage fixed or meeting the costs of a festival. And many turn the other cheek because they do not understand their children any more.


Like they say, when there is a market, there will be buyers. Unfortunately, the extreme commercialisation of our lives has over spilled into our morals and values. It’s crawled into our lives. It’s cool to have made a sex video, it’s cool to have multiple partners, it does not really matter if you are breaking someone’s home by being in a relationship with a married person, it’s cool that you do not have a regular source of income but have many credit cards, it’s cool to say something and mean something else altogether, it’s cool to wear a mask and play innocent. But some day something has got to give… and in a room full of regrets, you may not have ever known real happiness.

Men are a part of this game too. Some cheat on their spouse and some get cheated on. Don’t settle for anything but the best, men are repeatedly told, but what is the best really. Is it the quiet girl next door or the glam doll at every party. Is it to be slave to money or to have the freedom to want less and live one’s dream. It’s got to be different for every individual.

I think we really stand at crossroads of an evolution in society. And in this time, we need to trust our hearts more, listen to our intuition and have the courage to stand alone if need be. The word intuition comes from Latin, intuir, which means to look inside or to contemplate. It’s the feeling that guides us in our decisions. In fact research suggests that it’s actually a form of unconscious logical reasoning. What I really know is that it is a powerful gift given to us by nature. Listen to it carefully and do what feels right inside.

If money is the driving force in your life, so be it, but have the courage to make your own money. If love is the driving force in your life, live with love. There are no wrongs or rights in life. Many a time circumstances dictate how we live. But it’s critical to be able to make choices with human dignity intact.

Until the next issue,