WOW | Men Speak


Tsering Wangdu
Founder/Director, Sober Recovery Treatment and Rehabilitation Centre

Yes, men do gossip and women gossip, and that’s almost a truism. Men don’t like to gossip or maybe they don’t like to admit that they gossip but they do gossip. Men maybe don’t gossip the way women do or in the true sense of the word most men wouldn’t indulge in revealing secrets, rumours or talking about personal or private affairs of others.

When men gossip, we mostly indulge in bragging about ourselves, roasting our friends with wisecrack jokes or sharing our opinions on different matters. Men also like to demonstrate their superior knowledge about different things when they talk or sit down with their friends or colleagues.

Maybe that’s why, when men gossip, it is not such a silent affair. Usually there is a lot of laughter and noise. I think what men talk about when they allow themselves idle talk depends on him as a person, his circle of friends. So it’s all very relative.