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Turn the heat up this winter

Winter can be a major bummer. Between the minimal daylight hours, the cold and the often-grey weather, it’s hard to get motivated to leave the house. Hard to go out with friends. Hard to get to the gym. Life gets boring! It’s no wonder so many of us wait for spring with bated breath.

It doesn’t have to be all bad news. You could, for example, use winter as a springboard to reinvigorate your sex life. To get started, here are some fun (but reasonable) sex positions. These positions are just new enough to keep things interesting without feeling like you’ve become a contortionist. Even if they don’t lead you to new heights of orgasm, you might get a few good laughs trying. Test them out, and beat the winter blues.

The crab

The penetrating partner has their body below and the receiving partner is above. With the right angle, this can be great for G-spot stimulation and also an intense arm and ab workout.

The bounce

Swap a chair for an exercise ball and enjoy the extra thrust that comes with bounce. The receiver in this position will have better control. For extra intimacy, have the penetrating partner wrap their arms around the receiving partner.

Coital alignment technique

This position is designed to give clitoral stimulation during penetration. Start in the missionary position and then have the penetrating partner lower so that your chests are close together and slide their entire body toward the receiving partner’s head with his pelvis tilted down. The base of the penetrating partner’s penis should stimulate the receiving partner’s clitoris.

The cuddle squat

The penetrating partner sits slightly reclined with their legs out, and the receiving partner squats overtop, lifting their hips. It can be helpful for the penetrating partner to wrap their arms around the receiving partner for stability.

Pillow-boosted doggy

This position – a modification on doggy – has the receiving partner’s hips lifted on a pillow while the penetrating partner thrusts. For extra enjoyment, the receiving partner can keep their legs as close together as possible.

Sideways missionary

Change things up and turn missionary on its side. The receiving partner can wrap their legs around the penetrating partner and aid in thrusts or just get their bodies even closer. You’ll be close enough that the body heat will keep you from getting any winter chills.

The lazy lay

If it’s a lazy winter day, try this low-effort position for both partners. The receiving partner lies on their back and puts their legs over the penetrating partner, who lies on their side. It feels great, allows ample access for clitoral stimulation, and you can lie down the whole time.

Anal cowgirl

If you want to try something new, this position can be used by partners of any sex. Just like the cowgirl, the penetrating partner lies down while the receiving partner slowly lowers themselves onto the penetrating partner. This is a good position if you’re looking to change up power dynamics or take anal at your own speed. As with all things anal, make sure to use plenty of lube.

Lend a hand

This position doesn’t require any penetration and gives you a good cuddle while you’re at it. One partner gets into a bear-hug type position from behind and reaches their hand to stimulate the other partner. It’s a good time to explore each other’s bodies and be communicative about what does and doesn’t feel good.