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Turning Pain Into Power

In life you will not always get what you want and what makes you happy. There will be times that you will have no control over how things unfold. Its human nature to seek happiness but fulfillment is not always assured. Then there is the question of impermanence. How does a human cope in the face of uncertainty and deep tragedy? Does it ever stop hurting?

Death is the complete absence of a person from life… the voice, the touch, the presence, the laughter. It’s someone just disappearing from your life, one day, just like that! Yet it is the only inevitable truth of life

My son was a DJ and sound technician, but more importantly he was my best friend.

Dev Rana is a legendary musician. A calm and gentle soul loved and deeply respected by all who know him. In his sixties now, he’s learning to live all by himself. He lost his wife in 2010 and only recently lost his only son. He tries to smile through his pain and lives on shards of memories. He shares with WOW what coping with the loss of someone who means everything to him is all about.

“It was very difficult when I lost my wife. She was diabetic and when we realised she needed medication it was too late,” he recalls. His wife’s passing brought him close to his son, but unexpectedly he died some years later.  He says, “My son was a DJ and sound technician, but more importantly he was my best friend. I knew he didn’t want to leave me but we don’t have control over destiny. He said goodbye to me and wanted me to be happy,” he remembers.

With the deepest grief comes acceptance. Dev Rana had no choice. Music gives him the reason to go on. The memories of his family give him strength. He says, “I believe I was born to play music and will continue playing till I am able to.”

He has also learned to live in the moment, one day at a time. “We think of why it shouldn’t have happened or if it could have been any other way, but I know now that what is meant to happen will happen anyway. Everything has a reason. I take it that God has a reason for me to carry on in life until my turn arrives,”
he concludes.