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When men react violently to shame women…

Ujwal Thapa
President, Bibeksheel Nepali

They reveal their own deepest darkness within them, that they feel they have to hurt or demeanor vilify to regain any respect they have left in this world. They become so desperate in finding any meaning to their lives that only by losing control of the little dignity they have in them, they believe they will gain control.

A vicious loop ensues where they continue to do more of what they just did is to get out of the terrible guilt of what they just did.

When men react violently to shame women, they trap themselves in a special hell where savagery reigns atop and common sense is lost forever. And their minds are continuously haunted by the fear that their very victims will react violently to shame them on and on until eternity.

Tormented men like these are lost to mankind forever.