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Style Divas

Vidushi Rana
Director Marketing and Branding of Kiran Shoes (makers of Goldstar shoes), Modern Slippers Industries (makers of Hattichap chappal)

Name of the person you are nominating
Nepalese girls are in general super stylish. For me the most stylish woman I have grown up admiring is my mom Sophie Upadhya.
And from the younger generation I feel Aaushya Karki is super stylish.

Why do you think she is a style diva
My mom looks very elegant and poised with her chiffons and pearls, and with her silks and gold.
Aaushya because she dresses up impeccably for every occasion.

What are the key attributes that make her stylish
Their sense of style is inherent. They make everything look stylish!

What does the word ‘style diva’ mean to you?
Someone who looks impeccable at all times. It could be haute couture or high street brand but the attribute to put it together and look good.

Your personal style
My personal style changes according to my mood. Sometimes I like dressing up and sometimes I just want to be comfortable.