WOW | What You Think

Do you read the news? How relevant is the news today? Do you believe what you read?

Manager, Mercantile Exchange Nepal Limited

Having an insatiable appetite for information, a regular morning for me involves a cup of coffee and newspaper. Functioning in an industry where information is key to progress, I endeavor to update myself with the latest developments from around the world.

In a global era of competitiveness, every industry has succumbed to the pressures of competition and the media industry has not been spared either. As a reader, I tend to screen and filter the news flashed before my eyes to separate the authentic from the ‘sensational’ news. Adhering to the calls of ‘responsible journalism’ has become an important facet of every story that I read.

The standard of journalism in today’s age has definitely increased by a few notches with the advancement of technology playing a major factor. Given the numerous newspapers on the stands today, a major task of any voracious reader would be first to select the ‘right’ newspaper and second to choose what to believe. With each journalist approaching a particular story in various forms, for me sticking to the facts and not layering it, is essential to catching my eyes as I wake up every morning and grab the newspaper.