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In beauty, there are those who dazzle brilliantly for just a while, and then there are those who glow gently and leave a trail of glitter in their wake never to be forgotten. Asmi Shrestha belongs to the latter.

Currently, she has entered the field of education, is passionate about youth empowerment, wanting to pursue a Masters degree and finding balance in life. In this edition of WOW, our cover girl for the second time, the warm and beautiful,
Asmi Shrestha, talks about her life and goals.

What makes Asmi Shrestha?

Love and the values I have received from my family. Appreciation and admiration I have received from my well-wishers.

Five things people don’t know about you… 

  • I am currently working in the field of education.
  • I have turned vegan
  • I have travelled to eight countries altogether.
  • I was in the first ever national netball team of Nepal and I have played an international game in Sri Lanka back in 2012.
  • This is my second time on the cover of WOW.

What made you venture into modelling and beauty pageants?

Modelling was more of a gateway for me to enter pageants. I groomed, built networks and worked on my stage confidence. Miss Nepal for me was the ultimate goal.

How has the title of Miss Nepal helped in your growth and how have you used the title?

I would use the title to make little impacts on individuals whether it is through my actions or posts on social media. My intention is to let people know that compassion and kindness is what brings happiness and contentment in life.

My title has brought me across many inspiring individuals and stories and nothing is more empowering than that.

Are you driven by money or passion?

I try to find a balance between what I love to do and financial stability.

Where are you headed In your career? 

I am attempting to make my space in education, training and mentoring as I find it truly fulfilling. I am currently involved in ‘My Emotions Matter’, an education company that creates self-reflective learning experiences to develop emotional intelligence in students, teachers, and working professionals. We are currently running independent sessions for youths who can sign up to work on their confidence level. I have been active in it for the facilitation, mentoring and business development.

As someone focusing on youth empowerment, what do you consider are some major challenges faced by them?

The major challenge is lack of self-confidence. Young minds have wonderful stories to share but they hesitate to speak up at the right moment. It blocks them from going ahead. However, I am sure that with the right kind of nurturing environment and guidance, we can help them step out of their comfort zone.

What about personal challenges?

I am trying to control the use of social media. I feel that using social media compulsively has often created insecurities and feelings of inadequacy in me. As much as it is of a great benefit, I still want to make sure I am not addicted to it. I am trying to find the balance.

You are known for your good dressing sense, where does it come from?

I try to keep it as simple and subtle as possible. More than making an impression, I would say dress up to make yourself feel better and confident.

What is your definition of beauty?

Beauty comes from one’s personality… how compassionate and empathetic a person is.

Top 3 beauty products…

My moisturiser, eyebrow pomade and lip gloss.

Where do you see yourself in 2019? 

In a year’s time, I see myself as a more independent and strong woman and a confident facilitator. I also see myself pursuing a Masters degree.

Knowing Asmi Better 

Role model: Oprah Winfrey.

Can’t live without… Love.

Favourite place on earth: Wherever my family is.

Favourite meal: Anything vegan

Favourite hangout: Home.

What does love sound like: Beautiful melodies on a piano

What keeps you awake at night… Deep conversations about life

Put off: A grumpy face.

Favourite TV series: FRIENDS.

A typical day … If there is no work, you will mostly find me chilling at home. I love staying at home. Otherwise, I am taking sessions and attending meetings. I am also quite active on social media.

Ask Asmi

Stop expecting your partner to overcome your weaknesses and insecurities for you.

Health: Eat more greens and fruits. You are what you eat!

Beauty: Keep it as minimal as possible.

Modelling: Know your best angle.

Life: Have a clear intention and kind heart. Rest will happen itself.

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