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We are never too old TO DO things we love

Sushama Sharma is the first woman President of the Rotary Club of Kasthamandap in its over four decade history. She is also Retail Head of Institutional Banking with NMB BANK. A woman who believes in living to the fullest, she has left no stone unturned in exploring her potential. She has several academic degrees including an E-MBA in 2011. The mother of two grown sons says that she has always had full support from her husband. “You’ll be heard only if you speak for yourself,” she says of the choices she has made and pursued in life.

Sushama Sharma has always been driven by the need to do something, her passion for work and the responsibility to give back to society. She has been through her share of struggles and challenges in life, but she remains the richer for these experiences. “We are never too old to do things we love. It’s never late to start to do something good. Live in the present, make it meaningful not only for yourself but for others as well,” she says. WOW caught up with her to learn more about her and the Rotary Club of Kasthamandap. Excerpts:

sushama-sharmaWhen did you join Rotary and why?

I joined Rotary in 2001. I was associated with other social organisations as well. It has been my personal interest to do something for society. This gave me the right platform.

Some of the major achievements of Kasthamandap Rotary?

There are lots of achievements to talk about but some of the major impactful ones are providing relief material to earthquake victims in different areas, we rebuilt schools, provided desks, benches, sports materials, water filters, computers and even had retro fitting done in one school. We have besides supported health camps and the cause of women.

In its 43 years history, you are the first woman president, why do you think it took so long to have a woman take lead?

Being a President is a tough job and it demands lots of personal sacrifices, time management, work life balance, office and the Rotary itself. Perhaps, time management might have played an obstacle for women to take this step towards RC leadership. Maybe that’s why it took so long.

What are some of the things you hope to achieve in your term?

I am determined to do more projects, work towards implementation of the plans we make in our meetings, and to create more positive funds. I hope to give my 110% towards society through the implementation of our plans. The more we get done, the more society will benefit.

How do Rotary Clubs serve as a platform for social engagement on philanthropic activities?

It is the great platform for a person to be engaged with philanthropic activities. RC is about going beyond the self and encourages people to work for society. And as you find joy in helping others, you can also involve family and friends.