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I have my wedding early next year. What should I be doing to ensure that I have the best possible skin for my big day?

Prayusha Shah

A. Firstly, hearty congratulations as you embark on this beautiful journey.

Weddings should be all about love and the celebration of it amongst your nearest and dearest. It’s also about a day where you should feel beautiful, comfortable and picture ready!

Prepping your skin for the big day takes time and definitely should not be rushed, after all you will be looking back at these pictures in the years to come and making sure you look your best is essential.

To ensure you have the best skin possible for your wedding day, you need to start the treatments and skincare routine at least two months prior to the wedding day (ideally it should be 4-5 months).

I always recommend the bride-to-be to have a thorough skin consultation with me. Here, I analyse your skin and come up with a treatment plan that is customized to your needs. Usually this includes high frequency juicing which is a deep cleansing skin facial that uses ozone and blue ray therapy. This is a great treatment for all skin types as it gives the skin a super deep cleanse. This will be done at the start of the skin care treatment.

Then based on your skin type I opt for either a Vitamin C+ or Retinol facial that ensures the removal of dead cells along with black heads and white heads, improves blood circulation and simultaneously makes your skin brighter, firmer and softer. During this stage, daily skin care products are also given as part of the treatment. Make sure you cleanse, tone and moisturize your skin twice a day (morning and evening) and ensure all make-up is completely removed at night to prevent clogged pores.

Two weeks before the big day, I provide our exclusive, super luxurious and effervescently effective Bridal Facial. This facial is beneficial because it removes toxins which in turn purifies the skin and helps with oxygenating it. We use the best innovative and premium skin equipment such as the Meso Infusion DCS equipment which has been designed to carry out aesthetic therapies using iontophoresis, hydroelectrophoresis and electroporation techniques which ensure that all products used in the facial penetrate deep into the skin for longer lasting and more effective results. This facial will give you that bridal glow of your dreams!

Please feel free to contact me for our exclusive pre-wedding skincare treatments.