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Wedding look-book

For the wedding season, WOW has handpicked some bridal makeup inspiration to put you on the trend setter list. Whether its engagement, wedding or a reception look, our talented makeup artists have got you covered.

Text by: Sachitra Gurung

Suman lama is known for his makeup skills in Nepal as well as in India. Along with working for photoshoots and ad campaigns, Suman is passionate about bridal makeup. “Most brides prefer to keep the engagement look soft and subtle, and save the glam and bold look for the main day,” he explains about the look he is creating.

Hair and makeup by Suman Lama
INSTAGRAM: sumanlama7



• After moisturising the face and applying spf, I applied foundation on her face and neck and blended it, followed by concealer, both from NARS. I have applied generous amounts of the product to smooth out uneven skin tone and hide imperfections.

• I set the under eye with a translucent powder to make sure that there is no crease. Then I contoured her face to define her cheek bones and applied highlighter on the high points of her face.

• To create a flush on the cheeks, I used a small amount of blush.

• Lastly, I set the make up with a setting spray. If you don’t want your makeup to smudge in few hours, you must invest in a good makeup setting spray. Here I have used the setting spray from Mac.


  To create a natural look, I have mostly chosen warm shades according to the skin tone.

  To make her eyes look bigger and frame the eyes, I have applied eye liner along the base of the upper lashes, inner corner of eyes and created a tiny flick to pull the eye out a bit. Do not forget the lower lash lines. Here I have created almond-shaped eyes which looks seductive yet subtle.

• Even though we are trying to keep things to the least, never forget to apply mascara and draw your eyebrows. Apply a few strokes of normal mascara and you are good to go.

• Resist from filling your eyebrows too heavily. Just comb, fill in empty spots. It will complement your eye shadow.


1. Do not skip primer
2. Use hydrating moisturiser
3. Do not forget to apply a good makeup setting spray.


Moisturise the lips before applying lipstick. It’s better if you scrub your lips beforehand. Lips are a prominent part of the face and tend to look chapped after a long day. I completed this look with soft pink lips.


I have opted for an updo and added a tiara to to complete this engagement look.