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Sandesh Palungwa Limbu is a certified professional fitness instructor, founder of RAGE Fitness, and also specialises in mixed martial arts. For answers to your fitness queries, write to him at ragefitness@live.com
Sandesh Palungwa Limbu is a certified professional fitness instructor, founder of RAGE Fitness, and also specialises in mixed martial arts. For answers to your fitness queries, write to him at ragefitness@live.com

The fitness world is geared up like never before as fitness and wellbeing take centre stage across the globe. From juice diets to tech gear, from chia seeds and quinoa to HIIT and MMA, from fitness holidays to meditation and ayurveda, today more and more people are concerned about what they put into their bodies, how they live and the choices they make about work life balance.

Working out is the new going out say some – where friends and couples tend to bond over workouts, go on cycling and trekking trips, take fitness holidays overseas, etc. And most agree that once on track to having a healthy body, there is no turning back. The body, after all, is the only place you have to live.

I have been reading a lot about the wellness trends for the year 2016 and have put together a small list that you may want to know about:

get-fit-1Fresh farm fruits and vegetables top the list for most fitness enthusiasts. For those who love fruits juices and smoothies, there’s something called the Juicero which will soon be launching in the international markets and is contemplated to change the juicing world forever. It will give you the freshest juice minus the ugly clean up. Won’t be cheap and is expected to launch by mid 2016. Meanwhile don’t wait around, but go right ahead and enjoy your regular blender to enjoy the season’s freshest vegetable and fruit juices.

Clothing. The right fitness gear for your choice of workout is important and leading brands are consistently working towards offering you the best in specialized clothes and footwear for different activities. Brands know that health and wellness do not just start and stop in that hour at the gym, it goes beyond in what you wear, colours, textures, breathable fabric, weave and more

Eat consciously.  You don’t go to a yoga class and then head to your favourite momo or burger joint. At that time, you probably crave a good vegetarian meal, a glass of fresh juice or a cup of warm green tea. Just tune into your body and understand what you are putting into it. Journal what you eat if you are a mindless or binge eater. get-fit-7Besides noting what you eat, also write down why you ate and what were your thoughts at that time. Main meal times should be special. You only eat and don’t mix it with any other activity. Eat in a peaceful environment and savour your meal.

Music and Sound. There is an incredible amount of research that sound has the ability to influence and even alter our emotions. Music can achieve deep mental and physical relaxation decreasing stress response in the body. Meditative, beautiful music can be a very intimate yet universally connecting experience. Healing occurs at different levels.

Travel. People are now going on fitness holidays, relaxation retreats and wellness breaks. Hotels now offer hi tech gyms, juice and smoothie bars, yoga and meditation studios, spas and massage therapies, and specialized menus in beautiful locations to ensure you get refreshed and rejuvenated.

Balance. The key word in today’s corporate corridors, work life balance is being given immense importance above other things. Young executives are looking at experience, mentors, guides and a workplace that appreciates the individual. They want a place that distinguishes themselves at work and at home… it’s more about choices towards the lives they want to live. It incorporates healthy living, flexible hours, exercise and balance.

Homes. A home is a sanctuary in the truest sense and must bring a spark of joy to your life. Discard things you no longer need. Keep your home space clean and orderly, its reflective of who you are in the inside. Decluttering can help you refocus and find the few things that matter the most to you and get-fit-6which you can make a larger part of your life. You should work towards and deserve a home that is beautiful, warm, welcoming and reflective of who you are.

Exercise. Organised exercise is becoming a huge part of our lives. Try to stay active as much as you can but it will not replace having the 30 minutes to an hour at the gym focused on a workout the pushes you towards strength and fitness. There are an incredible number of options out there to cater to different types of personalities. The point is just to show up and half the job is done. Personal training is on the rise as more people find value in connecting with a professional trainer and working towards short and long term goals that are customized to your specific body and needs.

Alternative healing. Before you pop that next painkiller or buy a strip of over the counter antibiotics, think if you really need it. You are decreasing your resistance even as you abuse your body and put it trough unnecessary side effects of pill popping. Try home remedies for minor ailments. Also explore the world of alternative medicine and healing should the need arise. While on medication, ask your doctor why you are taking what you are taking, make informed choices and stick to what the doctor says instead of soon playing doctor yourself. Refrain from prescribing medicines to friends and families; it’s always better to get a professional opinion. Understand first why you are popping a pill and what it does to you.