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WOW spoke with a list of experts who advise on their areas of expertise about what a girl MUST know before tying the knot.

Compiled by: Anushka Shrestha
wow photo file © Ram Tandukar/Gokul Shrees/Sabina Mainali

Itchya Karki
Beauty Educator

Getting married is one of life‘s biggest decisions and also the happiest. When getting married there is a lot of happiness surrounding the family and couple, as well as stress. Personally, as a skin influencer I believe that when you have healthy looking skin you feel great about yourself and it will reduce the stress level during this period of your life where you are busy planning and arranging.

There is a culture in Nepal where we pay and look for top make-up artists in the industry to make us feel beautiful and look beautiful. However, what a lot of brides do not realise and do not focus on is the fact that no amount of makeup can really look beautiful without great skin. Therefore, a girl should take at least three to six months before the wedding to invest in a proper skincare regime and invest in proper skincare treatments. Use facials like micro dermabrasion peels depending upon your skin. I would also suggest that the bride take time out of their busy schedule for some relaxing massage for their body.

As a bride, I understand there’s so much shopping and stress finding the perfect outfit, makeup artist, venue… Your body is stressed and you need to fine ways to relax your mind, body and soul. Therefore I think proper care before a wedding is a must.