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What are you reading this Summer

Aarya Adhikari

Membership Project Coordinator, Bihani Social Venture

Books you love
During my high school, I came across the auto-biography of Vijaya Raje Scindia, Princess of Gwalior with maternal links with the Ranas of Nepal. This book reflected the dimensions of womanhood and presented the life of a Princess which was not that different than that of an ordinary woman. It was book I read in my teens and I was so influenced that Princess Vijaya Raje became my role model and her story has helped me deal with the challenges time and again.
Another book I really like is a philosophical book named Unpopular Essays by Bertrand Russell. This book enriched my understanding and writing skills.


Favourite author
Elizabeth Gilbert, my favourite author has the power to enthral one’s attention till the last page. In every chapter of Eat Pray Love and Committed, I was bent on questioning relationships in the external world and tried exploring my limitations.

Favourite genre
My mood depicts my choice of genre. When sad light hearted it is novels by Durjoy Datta, and when peppy, suspense stories serve me best.

Favourite spot and time to read
Previously, I used to set weekend reading targets and read regularly but lately I find myself reading all the time. To break the monotony framed by course books, I engage in novels. The terrace is my favourite reading spot. If not there, then any café or even microbuses serve me well.

Summer Recommendations:

Siddhartha is the best book that I have come across till date. Hermann Hesse, despite being a Western writer has the essence of Buddhism so well. This book is about Siddhartha who experiments with everything in the society to understand the difference between love and attachment, spiritually and its role in shaping mankind. I love this book and would recommend it to everyone.

Cecelia Ahern’s Love, Rosie is all about the unseen love between two best friends which everyone except themselves can see. As love always enters with creepy branches full of mushrooming hurdles, the pair take a long time to realise what is missing and that they are meant to be together forever.