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What are you reading this Summer

Shailesh Budhathoki

Illustrator/Storyboard Artist (2D Animation), Caraou Digital

Books you love
One of the books that has influenced me is The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, which taught me that everything you want is close to home and one must take chances in life.
A book on a father-son relationship and expectations fathers have from their children, Buddhi Sagar’s Karnali Blues is special to me. It makes me think from my dad’s perspective and all the struggles he has been through.
Radha by Krishna Dharawasi defines the Radha part of the well known godly couple Radha and Lord Krishna in a different way. Written from a woman’s perspective, this book shows the power and love a woman holds inside her. I’ve learnt to never take women for granted.


Favourite author
Picking up a particular author as a favourite is difficult though I do have some personal favourites. I love the works of international authors John Green, Nicholas Sparks, J.K. Rowling, Haruko Murakami, Ameesh Patel, Chetan Bhagat, and Paulo Coelho. Buddhi Sagar, Upendra Subba, Amar Neupane, Manjushree Thapa, Nayan Raj Pandey and Kumar Nagarkoti are my Nepali favourites. If I really need to pick one, it would definitely be Buddhi Sagar.

Favourite genre
My favourite genre is fantasy, which takes you to a completely new world. So, fantasies basically give you the freedom to create your own world which stays with you till the end of the book.

Favourite spot and time to read
Being a full time worker, the only time I get to read is in the evenings, weekends and during vacations. My favourite spot to read is the bed… mostly before bedtime.

For readers…
As George RR Martin has said, “A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only once.” Reading to me started as a good option to increase my vocabulary. You get to learn more and more and even increase your vocabulary. And now it’s like a part of my life. This summer, I’m looking forward to reading Phoolani by Khagendra Lamichhane and Sallipir by Nayan Raj Pandey.

Summer recommendations

Sixteen years into the city life, Basanta gets a call saying that his house in the village is being demolished. He decides to go back to his village to look at his old house one last time. Once he gets to his village he gets nostalgic, the flashback of his memories kicks in which a story of his friendship with Pawan unfolds. The story is a wonderful journey of their friendship with all its ups and downs with some superstitious social issues still alive in this modern society. Buddhi Sagar has done a great job creating many wonderful characters along the journey and doing justice to them.

BirgunjBIRGUNJ (Mero Sahara ko katha)
As the title suggests, Girish Giri’s Birgunj (Mero Sahara ko katha) tells the tale of Birgunj and all the transitions the city has faced in the past few decades. The writer has blended his childhood memories with the recent Madhesh movement and blockades in Birgunj quite impressively. The book might help you develop a different perspective on the different aspect of Madhesh Movement.