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What are you reading this Summer

Jasmin Ranjit

Cyber Security Researcher & PRO, Rigo Information Technology


Books you love
The books I have loved are Jiwan Kada ki Phool by Jhamak Ghimire, Chino Harayeko Manchey by Hari Bansha Acharya, Karnali Blues by Buddhi Sagar, 20 Something 20 Everything (A Quarter Life Woman’s Guide to Balance and Direction) by Christine Hassler, Yes Please by Amy Poehler, Social Engineering – The Art of Human Hacking by Christopher Paul Wilson.

Favourite genre
I am more into non-fiction, inspirational genres.

Favourite spot and time to read
I read in my leisure time, mostly in the evening. In case of long-awaited book I tend to read it from morning to night (during weekends). I love to read in bed and sometimes on the rooftop.

Summer recommendations

20 something 20 everything
Christine Hassler has created a guide for women (teens and young adults) understanding the different components of twenty something crisis based on ‘twenties triangle’, ‘building a secure foundation’ and ‘relationship and career’ during our quarter-life. It’s a self-assessment book comprising of around 65 exercises, practically written to help us explore ourselves: our identities, dreams and values.
This book helped me introspect as well as gave me a broader perspective to life. This is a must read for self-assessment, especially if you think your life is not at par with your expectations.

Karnali Blues
karnali-bluesBuddhi Sagar’s Karnali Blues shows the struggle of a father to raise a family who has to migrate to various places for a living. From the author’s point of view when he was small, he used to think his father was a super hero but with time, his views change. This book inculcated a thankful attitude in me and exposed me to the rural lifestyle.