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What are your views on #notallmen movement?

Compiled by:  Sachitra Gurung

Nischal Oli
Arts Manager, British Council

At a literary event in Dhaka, I was intrigued by the comments of an audience member during a discussion on #metoo. This elderly woman got right to the point: she said perhaps #youtoo would have been a better hashtag. Letting men acknowledge their own deeds; how they stroke the patriarchal ego (even unintentionally) and perpetuate the plight of women. It would be a confessional hashtag to unburden women of the critique that #metoo often unnecessarily warrants from the other gender. For me, #notallmen comes from the deficiency of empathy, clouded by entitlement. Men need to get behind the #metoo movement and simply live out #notallmen. If you are a man claiming to the mantle of a respectful human being than you don’t really need a shout-out. We have been given enough already to ask for more.