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What if your first job was changing the Nation

Teach for Nepal is an initiative that aims to end education inequity in Nepal. It has a two-year fellowship programme which offers a full time paid opportunity for young individuals to contribute to the cause. During the tenure, fellows work as full-time teachers in under-resourced schools. The opportunity also allows them to develop as leaders while giving them the ability to transform the lives of children under their care. WOW, talked to some of the young university graduates about their experience of the fellowship programme. Excerpts:

Text: Sachitra Gurung

Puja Tripathi

Puja Tripathi got to know about TFN from her brother. Deeply interested she researched further and learnt about the experiences of previous participants. She applied for the fellowship and was soon assigned as English teacher to grade eight students at Bidhyadhishwari Secondary School in Ashrang, Lalitpur. What surprised her at the onset was that the students could not even spell their own names in English. “I thought it would be relatively easy as I was good in English language but I realised the challenges as soon as I got to know that I would have to start from scratch,” she shares. Last year, Puja and her students participated in an interschool drama competition organised by ECCA where they performed an English play. Although the people from school were not supportive of her decision, Puja was optimistic and her class won first prize. “When the students danced in the rain after the win, I couldn’t help but feel proud. I believe simple things like visiting the families and talking to them about education can really help change lives,” she opines.